About Us

Our story

Incorporated on August 10, 1850, by an Act of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada, The Cataraqui Cemetery Company was one of the very first cemeteries of its kind in Canada, the model for others.   We continue, after all these years,  to meet the diverse and shifting needs of the public we serve.   Never has the company changed hands or had different ownership.   Just as first founded, the ownership remains with the Interment Rights Holders of the Cemetery and is held in trust for the Interment Rights Holders.  Today, we operate under the trade name of Cataraqui Cemetery and Funeral Services, to better identify with our expanded and comprehensive services.   As the stewards of two National Historic Sites of Canada (Cataraqui Cemetery NHSC and Sir John A. Macdonald Burial Site NHSC), we are proud that Cataraqui is also designated and protected as a culturally and historically significant Ontario Heritage Landscape.  

Our Role as a Not- For- Profit

The Cataraqui Cemetery Company is a  non-capital share corporation (not for profit)  that was formed and remains as such for the benefit of our members, the Interment Rights Holders of Cataraqui Cemetery.  Consequently, as a not-for-profit, all revenue realized from the interment rights, products, and services that we offer remains with the Corporation for the benefit of the members by way of safeguarding the burial sites through continual care, upkeep, improvement preservation, and management of the cemetery. We provide essential cemetery, memorialization, cremation, and funeral services to our members as well as the extended community.

Our Services

Cataraqui Cemetery is an active cemetery with plenty of available space and interment options.  The onsite crematorium remains a preferred service provider for nearly 40 years.   Additionally, we present a comprehensive offering of funeral and cremation services to meet varying needs, budgets, and expectations.  Cataraqui Cemetery and Funeral Services offer you and your family personalized services and tailored product selections (monuments, urns, and keepsakes) to suit any taste or budget.