Each monument should be as special as the person it memorializes and as unique as the life they lived. 

Monuments present different meanings and emotions for each of us.  Their purpose is not just to mark a burial site but to also tell a story.  They offer us important information.  They help surviving loved ones cope with loss and honour those that have gone before us. They offer a stylized point that helps us focus our memories.  Monuments can be simple and understated or elaborate and detailed. Regardless of the style, they are an expression of character and art.  The beauty we find in a monument is ultimately an expression of the personality they are intended to memorialize. Regardless of your choice of memorialization, a monumental life is worth remembering.

Cataraqui Cemetery offers you and your family the advantages and benefits of a wide selection of quality memorialization options.  At one convenient location, with the help of our friendly and familiar staff, you or your family can select cemetery arrangements and appropriate memorialization; saving you from extra and unnecessary stress during a difficult time of mourning.  By purchasing a competitively priced monument directly from Cataraqui Cemetery, you support the not-for-profit cemetery and its perpetual care activities with much-needed revenue to continue its commitment to preserving and maintaining the nationally historic gardens and cemetery grounds - and your interment site. 

You will be guided through a selection of monuments that feature many unique designs as well as some classic styles.  Should you not find something of interest from our on-site display of assorted and unique styles, we are committed to working with you, one on one and within your budget, to either find your special monument or design one especially for you.  Remember, at Cataraqui Cemetery, you also have the added benefit of touring the cemetery for over 160 years worth of examples, ideas, and styles.  We are confident that we can help you find a timeless memorial that suits you, your loved one, and your budget.  See first hand the different colours and material options; touch the different finishes; learn about the advantages of the features of your ideal monument; get a glimpse as to how your monument may age and hold up against time.  You will be aided in selecting appropriate or near to your heart artwork and verses by preparing a computer design.  Lastly, we offer you peace of mind in knowing that the monument you have selected with us is replaced at no charge if it is found to not meet our high standards of quality and craftsmanship. 

Our attention to detail ensures that you are pleased with the final memorial.

If you are working with a  supplier other than Cataraqui Cemetery for a  marker (headstone or flat marker) or wish to alter an existing marker (add final dates or other lettering),  please complete the appropriate application with your marker or inscription supplier.    Completed applications are to be submitted to the cemetery office for consideration of approval.   Applicable administration fees may apply.