Our Cremation and Funeral Services

Cataraqui Cemetery and Funeral Services is a provincially licensed funeral establishment offering many of the services once only available through area funeral homes.

Our funeral directors are on staff to help guide you or your family through the emotional tasks in making all the necessary arrangements. 

Our concept is simple: offer families a cost practical variety of sensible options - all with exceptional service.   

At the time of need, you or your family's first call should be the only one.  Our unique programs were created by listening, understanding, and reacting to what families have been sharing with us over many decades.     

Families find peace of mind and countless benefits with our convenient and inclusive cremation and/or funeral services that attend to immediate and aftercare needs:

  • You and your family can reach our Funeral Directors, any time of day or night.  They are a phone call away.    
  • With just that first call, our funeral directors will begin caring for you and your family by guiding you on what to do until we can arrive shortly after to transfer and receive the loved one into our care;
  • You and your family will consult with trained, licensed, and professional funeral directors who will assist with the necessary arrangements.
  • You and your family will be offered complete and simplified information, practical products and services,  a variety of options,  and affordable pricing with no pressure of upselling - regardless of your burial wishes or other arrangements;
  • You and your family will receive helpful aid and support in selecting  supplies and services that you  want,  assistance in preparing the arrangements,  preparing death notices/obituaries, tributes, memorial services, and  optional celebrations of life;
  • You and your family  will be offered to consider our  'Aftercare Assistance' for the many complicated estate forms, documents, cancellations, and benefit applications;
  • You and your family will gain peace of mind in knowing that final wishes can be thoughtfully pre-arranged, pre-planned, or pre-paid, thereby relieving you or your family of the burden of financial responsibility at the time of need and reducing stress at a difficult time;
  • You and your family are presented with the simplicity of arranging several complementary and comprehensive services - all at one location with one convenient and trusted funeral director, bypassing the hassles of several third-party funeral homes or service providers.

You are welcome to speak to our funeral directors to learn more about making arrangements with Kingston's only not-for-profit choice for all your cremation and/or casket funeral needs.