Green or Natural Burial Options

The three Rs... Reduce, Reuse and Recycle have become the mantra of a greener future as we endeavor as a society to protect our fragile environment and reduce our carbon footprint.  Every 'green' action,  falls into very different "shades of green".   For example,  when going to work,  we may choose to work from home, walk, bicycle, use public transportation, carpool, or even use an electric vehicle.   All these listed options are considered "green" options,  yet, they all present choices that are different types or "shades of green".  

There are personal options or choices of varying "shades of green"  for final  disposition and how we can care for the dead.    Green or natural choices are available. 

Even though Cataraqui Cemetery does not have a dedicated "green" or "natural" section, please consider the varying "shades of green" or natural options that are available

  • Cataraqui Cemetery does not require the use of concrete or outer vaults with each casket or cremation interment. 
  • Cataraqui Cemetery does not require a body to be embalmed for interment. 
  • Cataraqui Cemetery does not require that every burial must have an individual marker. 
  • Cataraqui Cemetery maintains an extensive tree-covered landscape that is considered a contributory woodland. 
  • Cataraqui Cemetery, when cutting grass, the grass and the leaves are mulched back into the soil for nutrients. 
  • Cataraqui Cemetery offers many natural, biodegradable, sustainable  or natural options when it comes to casket or urn sections. 
  • Cataraqui Cemetery promotes wise land-use strategies.  For example, a 30sq foot grave would normally only accommodate one (1) full-body interment but at Cataraqui Cemetery, multiple cremations can be placed within the same area. 
  • Cataraqui Cemetery may be able to hand dig a grave (subject to seasonal  conditions and soil considerations).
  • Cataraqui Cemetery has sections dedicated to gardens and trees as living memorials.

If you or someone you know wishes for more information about green or natural burial options, please do not hesitate to contact us